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Calor Gas

Home, Garden or on Holiday.
In the caravan, BBQ or portable gas heater
We have a bottle to suit you


Gas bottles are a versatile energy solution for a variety of uses around the home, garden or on holiday. Whether you’re looking to buy a new gas bottle or exchange an empty cylinder, we offer a comprehensive selection in various sizes to meet every need.

Choosing the right bottle for you

Whatever your heating, cooking or leisure requirements, we have the right gas cylinder for you:

  • Our innovative Calor Lite® gas bottle is a robust, lightweight and easily portable 6kg propane cylinder that’s specially designed for the caravanning market
  • Calor patio gas, available as 5kg or 13kg, is perfect for BBQs and patio heaters, and comes with our exclusive Gas Trac® indicator
  • Our butane gas cylinders, available in a range of sizes from 4.5kg to 15kg, are ideal for caravans and portable gas heaters
  • Calor propane gas cylinders (available from 3.9kg up to 47kg) cover a wide range of uses, including home energy supply,
  • BBQing, caravanning, narrow boats and a range of DIY tools.

Also available

Calor Firewood is a quality seasoned firewood product, FSC certified and responsibly sourced to provide you with the perfect fire experience

Calor Heat Logs are compressed sawdust logs and have an average moisture content of below 15%, meaning superior heat and a longer burn time per log. Our Heat Logs are naturally made and contain no additives

Calor's Kiln Dried Kindling is the perfect starter fuel for use in open fires, multi-fuel stoves and chimineas. Calor Kindling is FSC certified and responsibly sourced

Our hardwood logs have been kiln dried using biomass kilns to provide a consistent and quality fuel with a superior heat output and have an average moisture content of below 25%

Wax coated sawdust logs, which are clean to use and produce a high heat output. Calor Firelogs burn for up to 2 hours and are easy to ignite by simply lighting the packaging.




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