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Chicken Feed & Treats

A range of Poultry feeds
scientifically formulated,
speciality feeds with non-GM ingredients

Based in the heart of rural north Essex, The Fancy Feed Company is family owned and run and dedicated to producing well balanced, nutritious animal and poultry feeds from natural ingredients.  Where possible, we source these locally and all are non-GM and “Identity Preserved”, which means they are kept segregated from any potential GM contaminants at all times and are subject to a rigorous documented audit trail to ensure traceability to source.

What is equally important is the quality of nutrients provided by these ingredients so all are carefully selected and combined according to scientifically researched formulations to provide the optimum nutritional balance.  Our UFAS-accredited mill works to strict quality standards and production technology is constantly updated to ensure we make the most of all the raw materials.

Chick Crumb
Grower Pellets
Layers' Pellets

Layers Mash
Breeder & Show Pellets
Mixed Corn
Dry Goat Mix
Molassed Goat Mix
Fenland Waterfowl pellets
Flutter Wild Bird Mix

Bunny Nuggets


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