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Royal Canin

Royal Canin diets
Provide precise nutritional solutions
for your pets needs.



Never before has nutrition been so well adapted to any single breed.
Breed Health Nutrition is a range developed to meet the needs and particularities of each breed.
The whole Breed Health Nutrition range benefits from the latest progress of RoyalCanin’s research: selection of the best protein sources, unique ingredients and flavours, and tailor-made kibbles designed in their shape, texture and size to fit both different jaws and the dog’s age.

X-SMALL up to 4Kg
X-SMALL Size Health Nutrition is specially formulated to meet lifestage requirements aswell as the specific nutritional needs of these very little dogs. Small dogs can live twice as long as bigger ones, providing the right nutrition as they get older plays a huge role in a healthy life. Ageing actually takes place in two stages, starting at eight years old and speeding up from 12 years onwards
MINI up to 10Kg
Royal Canin uses the name MINI to refer to dogs whose adult weight is between less then 10kg.
Each small dog is unique, respect their differences. Age, sensitivities, lifestyle.
Because all small dogs are different, the MINI SIZE HEALTH NUTRITION range provides nutritional solutions, specifically formulated to meet individual needs with precision

MEDIUM from 11- 25Kg
The term 'Medium' refers to dogs whose adult weight is between 11kg and 25kg.
Medium-sized dogs are famous for their energy, and were historically working dogs.
They often spend a lot of time exercising outdoors in all weathers.
MEDIUM Size Health Nutrition helps maintain their natural defences throughout theirlife and ensures that they can enjoy the natural world in the best possible condition with a complete programme : a targeted nutritional response whatever their age or particular
MAXI from 26 – 44Kg
The MAXI label refers to dogs whose adult weight is between 26 and 44kg.
Active and sporty by nature, Maxi dogs need an energy supply which matches up to their way of life, particularly if, like utility dogs, they are performing in extreme conditions.
The MAXI range provides exclusive Health Nutrition responses for each large dog depending on its age, physiological state, activity level, and individual sensitivities

GIANT from 45Kg
Royal Canin uses the name GIANT to refer to dogs whose adult weight exceeds 45kg.
More than tailor-made nutrition, it is a safety measure.
Royal Canin has patented a kibble with both a size and formula which are perfectly adapted to Giant dogs’ outsized morphology.
A kibble suitable for giant dogs encourages chewing and slows down the speed of food intake.
The Giant range from ROYAL CANIN Size Health Nutrition brings an exclusive nutritional answer to the specific requirements of giant dogs, taking into account their size, age, activity and physiological state.





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